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Found 2 results

  1. Once upon a time there was nothing, but in those distant times there was no - Birb. Now we have Birb and let's talk about it today, or rather Birb NFT. Someday, I really hope so, the developers will make the NFT a marketplace and we will be able to mint our own NFT. I think this is a great potential for creativity and for the development of the project as a whole. This is a great opportunity for outsiders who are not involved in the project to learn about it and start using it. It is also an additional basis for increasing the liquidity of the project. If you, like me, are waiting for this event - share your thoughts further.
  2. Welcome. I looked at some projects for improvement and learned from other projects, I noticed that in some projects there are boxes, boxes of rare nft fall out of them. Maybe it's worth releasing a few boxes (which can also be sold). The bottom line is that there are boxes by rarity and the chance to get a rarer NFT depends on the box. I think enough NFTs have been destroyed since the NFT mergers to make this idea a reality. Thank you
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