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Birb Leaderboard (Top250 holders) Question


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5 minutes ago, Blakehsieh said:

@NFTAddict Thank you for the information. But, why the webpage cannot show correctly?

I believe those are live amounts.  So if they move Birb to another wallet it can show a 0.  

Right now the issue is low pancake liquidity as almost 7 million has been burned from pancakeswap liquidity.

They need to find a way to fix and then the rewards can be worth it for the top 250.

I did hear they may give a percentage of upcoming BirbSwap fees to the top 250 holders.

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  • PuffedBirb changed the title to Birb Leaderboard (Top250 holders) Question
5 hours ago, ionut said:

what is the amount of BIRB for every 3 days reward now ?


Hello buddy it is a long math but I can write it. You take 5% of pancake (liquidity), from that amount you deduct 1% hatcher reward, and you also deduct 51% that gets burned. The remaining 48% get distributed equally to 250 people. Right now there is no liquidity on Pancake so they are working on a solution.

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