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Birb Relaunch Update (April 4, 2022)


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The dev is about done with the contract. The new tokenomics will give Birb longevity. Today a maximum fee is being added to the smart contract so people feel more secure as well. The sell tax fee will start at 5%. We plan to continue to lower this fee until we can be sustainable with a higher Birb token price and other upcoming utilities including BirbSwap and FlockProtocol. This fee will eventually be 0% in the future.


We want to share the frequently asked questions regarding the Birb relaunch:


  1. Do I need to unstake from the Birb pool at BirbSwap now? No, you can keep staking until the pool is completed. The pool ends in 11 days. You can see the exact countdown here: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/16982400
  2. Will we continue to get NFT staking rewards? You will absolutely continue to get rewards. Our dev working on the new Birb token contract is the same dev that took care of all Birb NFT contracts. We will be sure to make it as seamless as possible.
  3. Do I need to unstake my Birb NFTs now? When the new NFT staking contract is connected to the new Birb token for rewards we will notify all members to unstake your Birb NFTs. You will then stake at the updated URL for your new Birb rewards.
  4. How do we get our new Birb tokens? There will be a portal where you can easily convert your old Birb tokens to the new Birb tokens.
  5. Why don't you use an automatic air drop? There were two options the developer gave us. One was to automatically send the Birb tokens to all 8900+ wallet addresses. This method would come out very costly in gas fees for our team. The second option was an easy-to-use portal and this is what we decided on.
  6. Will existing developments be connected to the new Birb token? All developments will be connected to the new improved Birb token. The moment we deploy the contract the Birb payment plugins, Birb games, Voting Portal, etc.. would all be connected to the new Birb.
  7. Will the token name be the same? The token name and ticker symbol will be the same. Birb (BIRB)
  8. Will the new website, whitepaper, and roadmap be completed for the relaunch? Our goal is to have all of this completed for the relaunch.


We will be updating you on the Birb Relaunch progress. A professional marketing video is being made for our relaunch and we want a facelift for our existing utilities including birbpay.com.


Thank you for everything and this is a big step to make sure Birb lasts many, many years!

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this answers many questions people have been asking on telegram. thank you PuffedBirb and team for your continuous hard work. i have no doubt birb will be a big success and i am still holding strong since the beginning.

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