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BIRB Article Contest


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Welcome to our first Birb Article contest! 

This is your chance to contribute to this amazing community-driven project and a chance to win something unique if your article wins the race. 

The team will choose three winners and we will use the winning articles as a basis for future publications. 

Please read the article guidelines and the rules carefully.

Article Guidelines

    •    The article should be written in English.
    •    The articles should consist of at least 500 words. Images are not needed as our designer will make a final design of the article before publication. 
    •    Topics to include: 
    •    What is BIRB
    •    What makes BIRB different
    •    Links to sources with information and an explanation why this information is useful
    •    (Bonus points) Where do you see BIRB in 3 years? What would BIRB have accomplished by then? 


    •    The content should be unique, though you may gather information from our web pages for inspiration.

    •    Your submission must be sent to [email protected] by Saturday, 16th of April, 23:59 UTC.

    •    Comment below after you made a submission.


    •    First place: 2,000 BIRB
    •    Second place: 1,000 BIRB
    •    Third Place: 500 BIRB

All winners will also get a special Birb Contributor badge in the forum! 

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$BIRB software development schedule foresees an initial implementation of smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, so do they have plans to potentially expand their ecosystem to Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and other popular blockchains? I read that in $BIRB it is also planned to create synthetic tokens that accurately reproduce the performance of real commodities in metals and commodities on the market. So, how does this directly influence as a financial opportunity for the investor and how does it benefit?

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