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Birb Forum Rules & Community Guidelines


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Birb Forum Rules & Community Guidelines
 The purpose of these rules is to provide a better service for our community members.

 To protect yourself, please take note of the following:

  • The Birb Team will NEVER ask for:
  • Any kind of payment (tokens, money, cryptocurrency, credit cards, or other payments).
  • Private keys.
  • Personal information.
  • Private trading with members.

If you get such a request, it is probably from a scammer trying to impersonate one of our team members.

 Report that person immediately or inform one of the moderators as soon as possible.

 Always double-check and never trust anyone you don't know.

Scammers use the same avatar pictures as our moderators with similar-looking nicknames to trick users.
Scammers try many techniques to trick unaware users. Be vigilant and don't trust anyone sending you links to download and run files that may compromise your device. Also do not connect to Metmask or other wallets when visiting any unofficial links.
 Respect other members.
 Be kind and respectful to other forum members. Be mindful that younger generations use the forums.


The following posts are NOT allowed:

  • Promoting other projects/platforms/cryptos/tokens/ICOs/IEOs/etc without association to Birb.
  • Spam-related behavior, abuse, trolling, and ALL CAPS posts.
  • Download links to executables (.exe/.dmg) and suspicious files.
  • Shady sites that may compromise our users or ask for personal user information.
  • Flaming, racism, prejudice, hate, or threatening posts.
  • Copyrighted materials and plagiarism.
  • Negative or aggressive posts.
  • Obscene posts which may contain nudity.
  • Links that are hidden in text or images.
  • Referral, affiliate, re-direction and shortened links to other cryptos/platforms/tokens/ICOs/etc. without association to Birb.
  • This forum is focused on Birb. Projects which may distract our members are not allowed.
  • Referral links to exchanges and services may be permitted. Contact one of our moderators.
  • All threads and posts must be written in English or include a translation with the post. New language sections will be opened.
  • If you see any suspicious post or a thread breaking our rules, by being disrespectful, or by using an aggressive tone, please use the Report Link.


If you find something suspicious that can compromise our users, please report it by contacting one of the moderators privately.  Announcing bugs publicly will not benefit our cause and may harm a lot of innocent users.

The developers will decide on a suitable reward according to the significance of the reported bug.
 If you have a question search the forum before creating a new thread.

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