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Birb Relaunch Update (May 16, 2022)


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Greetings Birb Community Members!

I am writing this to express how deeply we value each and everyone of you.  As you know, we are planning on having the Claim Portal up and running very soon!  In fact we were hoping that it would have been up this week.  Due to an untimely flu, our hard working Dev, Fuwa has been stuck at home, in bed, trying to recover as quickly as possible.  The good news is that he has made significant progress and is now able to devote time to test and finish off the final parts of the Claim Portal so that it works smoothly for everyone. This month we have also seen market crashes and it was not a good moment for big project movements due to that.  Now we are seeing the market is a little more stable.

We greatly value requests and feedback from our members across many communities and wanted to explore the idea of an alternative way of speeding up the process to claiming/receiving the new Birb tokens.  After much thought and consideration we feel that the best solution is to continue with the original plan.  Here are some of our thoughts on the matter:  It is very costly to airdrop to every single address holding 1+ Birb. However, the last thing that we would want to cause would be any kind of confusion or problems for our members including any unforeseen technical issues to occur.  For example:  Some people could miss out by not hearing the news in time; while being away on vacation or unable to access their computer or phone for some reason.  Some people only check in every few months.  We wouldn't want to cause any Birb Members to experience any issues with their tokens. 

Birb has always been inclusive of everyone as we love all of our members from those holding even 1 Birb to those holding many hundreds of thousands.  We have put much thought into both options and our conclusion is that the claim portal is the cleanest, easiest, fairest and safest method possible.  Our Developer, Fuwa is recovering from a bad flu and is now working to complete and test the portal.

Our expectation is that it will be ready very soon and we will keep the community updated frequently so that when the time comes to upgrade our tokens to the new and improved Birb tokens, we can do this easily, all together and at the same time.  And for those who are away for whatever reason; they can come back at their leisure and swap without any issue.

This is a big milestone for Birb as this will put many positive events into motion.  We have many exciting things planned for the upcoming months.  The new contract will fix several issues and provide the team with funding to speed up developments.

We are so happy and excited that you are with us and we look forward to experiencing the many wonderful times ahead... together.

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