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Birb Project Report - May 2022


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Hello everyone below is the report for the month of May.  I know many of you want the Relaunch as soon as possible.  The developer was unavailable due to being ill and recently due to personal reasons but he is now available. I was in contact with the developer today and he mentioned he is now back to full work.

You can rest assured that we also want the relaunch just as much as you do.  It is very important to me and to the future of our project.  When we first started Birb we had no transaction fees and no source of revenue.  We now understand how important a source of revenue is to sustain a project. We have sustained the project using our own personal funding.  Tens of thousands of dollars we have put into our project out of our own money.  Many developers only want to be paid in a stable coin so not having a lot of funding has also slowed down the development progress.

The relaunch will change all of this and will give us the necessary funding to make our beloved project grow, expand and be sustainable. My brother and I will be here for many, many years regardless of where the price is at because we believe in our project and we know people will start seeing the value. We have many big plans for Birb.

Even after all the developments are completed we will continue to improve the existing developments. We are happy to have you with us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Love you all!




Birb May Report

Birb Payment Apps - Our WooCommerce, PrestaShop and OpenCart payment plugins will be fully connected to the new Birb Token on relaunch. We received feedback from the developer and Shopify has made it difficult for 3rd party payment apps (because they want you to pay processing fees). The eCommerce dev is now focusing only on open source eCommerce applications. A new Magento payment plugin is being worked on to work with the latest version.

BirbPay.com - The API system that powers all the current and future Birb Payment plugins will be fully connected and working with the new Birb token at relaunch.

BirbVote - At relaunch the voting web app will be connected to the new Birb token. We decided to use the forum as a place for proposals to be made. Here anyone can post a proposal by following the guidelines. People can comment on the proposal and if passed by the team and community it can go out for voting in the BirbVote web app. On day of relaunch we will post guidelines and rules to follow when posting proposals.

Birb NFT Marketplace - The NFT Marketplace development will continue following the relaunch. We decided to further improve the design to compete with other beautiful marketplaces such as AirNFT, TofuNFT and more.

BirbBattles - After the NFT Marketplace is when BirbBattles can be setup.  We want our BirbBattle NFTs to be tradable on our own platform to see the enchantments in real time and all data in real time.  No more waiting for third party server side caches of images and .json files.

View a sneak peak of some of the new characters below:


BirbGames - The Birb Casino games will be fully connected to the new Birb token at relaunch.


Birb Merch Shop (merch.birb.com) - The Birb Merch Shop will have the new logo option at relaunch. Merch shop will also accept the new Birb token as a payment option.

BirbSwap + Rewards token

The relaunch will help us get the final funding needed to pay the Developer in charge of the Swap.  We will release this sometime after the relaunch. Farms, Pools, and a Launchpad will help bring new people to Birb. The swap is one of our most important developments and the relaunch will also help us get the funding required for marketing and finishing the swap.

Flock Protocol - This will be one of our flagship features. This has been one of our most expensive developments and all out of pocket so far. There is an additional fee for changing the smart contract to the new Birb token. We also owe the dev a final fee of $3500 BUSD once everything is completed and tested. The relaunch will help us to finish paying for this development so that we can release as soon as possible.

Social Sending - Forum tipping plugin worked after several tests. It is simple to use and will make it easier to tip people in the forum once enabled.  A user will put their BSC wallet address in their profile. After they set their BSC wallet anyone can tip them some Birb tokens in the forum. There is a section in the profile page where you can see all tips given to the user. The developer is working to improve the look of this section. After this we can enable in the live Birb forum. We have also studied coinkit.de on how they developed their closed source Twitter tip bot and we will have a similar setup.  We have spoke to a developer and the relaunch will help fund this development as well.



Birb NFT Collection 2

A lot of work is going on behind the seasons to have many new unique Birb NFT designs. All funds will be used for CEX exchanges and more liquidity.

You can view 1 sneak peak sample below (Not final). We want to thank @MountainFoodfor the concept illustration and @BirbRoss for making the concepts into the Birb style and in vector artwork ready for NFT's.

AVATAR 62.png


🥳 Birb Notary Service -  This will be a blockchain notary service by Birb that will allow you to register your digital files on the Binance smart chain blockchain. A Digital signature (MD5 Hash of your file) will be generated and stored on the BSC blockchain. You will be able to verify ownership of your files using the web application. A printable certificate will be available to show the timestamp, file owners wallet address, file name, size and much more. You can protect your files from being tampered with. This will be expanded for multiple use cases including NFT’s and more. Bulk registration and verification will also be enabled.

We have not confirmed the final name and once we confirm it we will register the domain and then we can announce the name to the public. Birb will be used as the payment method (credits) for using the service. We plan to make it cheap and simple to use. The dev that is taking care of this development only accepts USDT so the relaunch will help the project in so many ways.

Below is a sneak peak screenshot of the upcoming web app for an easier way to explain what this service will do.


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thank you for the update. so much potential in this project. i am here since before presale last May 2021 and i plan to stay for many more years to come. i know this project will moon when the time comes. 

keep up the good work team.

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