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Birb Project Report - June 2022


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These have been the busiest weeks of my life.  I am very happy to finally have the relaunch available to everyone. I am writing this quickly as the relaunch is about to happen in less than 1 hour.


The relaunch will help fund our project with the new tokenomics.  From now on, for this year, any month that we do not release a development we will airdrop 1 Million Birb to the top 100 holders. That is 10,000 BIRB each holder. I do this so you know how serious things will get when we have funding.


We have ran this project for almost a year with no taxes, almost no real revenue. Most of this has been from our own pockets. Everything is about to change with funding. Give me 2 months to show you what we are capable of.


Best Regards,




Birb Donation Wordpress Plugin


The relaunch will allow us to also have funding for continuous charity. This plugin will be used on our Charity website and charity partner page will have the sanctuaries or charities BNB or BIRB addresses that can be verified on their own website. The plugin makes it easy to collect and send donations.


There is a second version being developed that will make it possible for Twitch Gamer streamers to receive donations with a button.


This development also requires additional funding that will now be possible post relaunch.





Birb Notary Service


With the Birb relaunch, we will have the funding required to fully pay for this new development. We want Birb to have many use cases!


Our Birb Notary service will be an important tool to check whether your documents and files are secure and have not been tampered with. It will be a blockchain notary that allows you to store hashes of files within the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. 


With our Birb Notary service, your browser processes the data and your files never leave your computer and they are never uploaded to our server.



Birb NFT Collection 2


The team got together and we want to have animated backgrounds and effects for our Legendary Birb NFTs in season 2. A lot of work is involved from the concept illustrations made by MountainFood and BirbRoss converts the concepts to vector art. We have gotten several quotes for animated special effects and with the relaunch, we will be able to add these to our Legendary series.  


Below is a new sneak peek:


AVATAR 55 2.png


Flock Protocol


With the relaunch, the team will have enough funds to pay the final development fee for Flock Protocol. 


This will be one of our flagship features. This has been one of our most expensive developments and all out of pocket so far. There is an additional fee for changing the smart contract to the new Birb token. We also owe the dev a final fee of $3500 BUSD once everything is completed and tested.


BirbSwap + Rewards token.


The relaunch will help us get the final funding needed to pay the Developer in charge of the Swap and also to provide marketing when releasing the swap. 


BirbSwap V3 will have Farms, Pools, and a Launchpad that will help bring new people to Birb. The swap is one of our most important developments and the relaunch will also help us get the funding required for marketing and finishing the swap.


Birb Payment Apps - A new Magento payment plugin is being worked on to work with the latest version. Our WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and OpenCart payment plugins will be fully connected to the new Birb Token on relaunch.


BirbPay.com - The API system that powers all the current and future Birb Payment plugins will be fully connected and working with the new Birb token at relaunch.


Birb Merch Shop

You can view the merch shop at merch.birb.com. The Birb team is proud to announce that the Birb Merch Shop will have many items with the new Birb logo.



All the Birb Games will be fully connected to the new Birb token at relaunch.



BirbBattles will be releaesed soon after the NFT Marketplace. We want our BirbBattle NFTs to be tradable on our own platform to see the enchantments in real time and all data in real time. No more waiting for third party server side caches of images and .json files.


Birb NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace development will continue following the relaunch. We decided to further improve the design to compete with other beautiful marketplaces such as AirNFT, TofuNFT and more.


New Website (Birb Perfection)

We are using part of the liquidity to pay $1,299+ for a 99designs platinum plan to improve the new design. This is when several top designers will compete to make the best Birb website design for us. We plan to have it ready for our 1 year anniversary. We have gone through several new designs but have still not been fully satisfied so decided to do this.



The BirbVote voting web app will be connected to the new Birb token. We decided to use the forum as a place for proposals to be made. Here anyone can post a proposal by following the guidelines. People can comment on the proposal and if passed by the team and community it can go out for voting in the BirbVote web app. On day of relaunch we will post guidelines and rules to follow when posting proposals.


Social Sending - Social Sending Forum tipping plugin worked after several tests. It is simple to use and will make it easier to tip people in the forum once enabled. A user will put their BSC wallet address in their profile. After they set their BSC wallet anyone can tip them some Birb tokens in the forum. There is a section in the profile page where you can see all tips given to the user. The developer is working to improve the look of this section. After this we can enable in the live Birb forum. We have also studied coinkit.de on how they developed their closed source Twitter tip bot and we will have a similar setup. We have spoke to a developer and the relaunch will help fund this development as well.


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